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We Are Baking for the Betterment

The Soul Snacks Cookie Company deliberately harkens back to that bountiful time and stands by a philosophy that is deeply committed to providing farm fresh ingredients, delicious, wholesome cookies with care and extreme pride. "My grandmother believed Soul Snacks was more than a cookie company. Grandma Leola also paid it forward. Our legacy lives on via our Fair trade and infrastructure initiative we continue to build with our suppliers to ensure that from Harlem to West Africa, our impact to enrich lives and create opportunity will be our legacy." Ralph Rolle, Soul Snacks CEO.

Family Recipes Since 1916

Born from humble beginnings, Soul Snacks family Recipes are rooted in over a century of baking with ethically sourced wholesome ingredients to satisfy the mind, body and spirit. Ralph Rolle, Soul Snacks CEO, continues baking traditional family recipes created by his Grandma Leola who was born in 1900 in Ocilla, Georgia, moved to Miami, started a family and migrated to Harlem at the height of the Renaissance. Soul Snacks stands by her philosophy and deep commitment to fresh-baked delicious wholesome snacks, made with care and extreme pride.

Inside every delicious cookie are years of HEART, SOUL AND LOTS OF PRIDE.

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